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Vingårde / Auntsfield Vineyards

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Auntsfield Vineyards

Auntsfield Vineyards

Marlborough’s first and oldest vineyard Marlborough is now the largest wine region of New Zealand and has become a world-renowned producer of premium wines in a relatively short time. Hidden in the heart of this youthful Marlborough grape country, there is a small wine cellar, set in the side of a hill.

Nothing unusual in that you may think. There are now a few cellars around the province. However this cellar has something no other does.

With four massive gum trees standing sentinel, the rammed earth cellar, with dirt floor and Manuka log roof, is an impressive reminder that winemaking in Marlborough does in fact have a proud past.

This cellar was the first of its kind to be built in Marlborough in 1873. It was another 100 years before the first of the new era vines where planted in the region.

Sited at Auntsfield Vineyard, the old cellar has been lovingly restored to its historical glory. For current owners, the Cowley family, the cellar is the first in a long journey to restore a very special part of this region's history.

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